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4/4 Nicolas Gilles violin, Montpellier 2011

4/4 Nicolas Gilles violin, Montpellier 2011
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Nicolas Gilles, Montpellier 2011 Shaded, golden-brown varnish. 354mm 4/4

Catalog ID: N-VN/3035

Nicolas Gilles, born in 1977 in Montpellier, France, earned diplomas as both a performer as a guitarist and an instrument maker. He has won numerous awards for his instruments, including a gold medal for a quartet at the 2004 Violin Society of America Competition.

This violin has a bold, rich sound with significant power and projection. The high end is singing and clear, and the low end is focused and strong.

Based on a Guarneri pattern, this violin is made out of top-quality materials and displays craftsmanship of the highest level. The beautiful golden brown varnish is masterfully applied, shaded, and slightly antiqued. The sound is full, brilliant and crystal clear. It responds to the softest touch, but can hold up to forceful playing and everything in between. The instrument is sold with the original certificate of authenticity from the maker.

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