Evan Orman cello bow

Evan Orman cello bow
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Contemporary bow maker Evan Orman studied cello performance at the North Carolina School of the Arts, the Banff Centre in Canada, and the New England Conservatory. With a passion for music and an evolving fascination for instrument making, Evan eventually turned his focus toward making bows.

A regular attendee of the bow making workshop at Oberlin College since 1999, Evan honed his skills while working with many of today's leading makers, including St├ęphane Thomachot, Eric Grandchamp, Morgan Andersen, Lee Guthrie, Jean Grunberger, Steven Beckley, and Tim baker among others.

Evan is a past president of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and a member of The Violin Society of America and the British Violin Making Association. He currently works out of Denver Violins, a company that he co-founded with partners Eddy and Mackenzie Miller. His bows are in the hands of many top string players from around the world.

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