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Eric Caldwell cello, Washington, DC 2015

Catalog ID: N-CE/3782

Eric Caldwell cello no. 245, Washington, DC 2015

A sixth generation woodworker from Lawrence, Kansas, Eric Caldwell's interests in violin making came from his family history as well as a personal interest in music. While studying oboe in California, Caldwell had the opportunity to study violin making with Karl Roy in a summer workshop, and continued his studies for several more years at the University of New Hampshire Summer Violin Craftsmanship Institute.

Caldwell worked in instrument repair for various workshops throughout the U.S. before taking a job with Potter Violin Company in 2006, where he was appointed Repair Department Manager. He left the firm in 2009 to establish his own workshop.He has won several awards for his instruments, including the Certificate of Merit for tone for violin in the Violin Society of America competition of 2010, and was invited to include two violins at The Art of Sound 2011 Exhibition.

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