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Intelli Metro. & Tuner: IMT-301 w/Temp-Hygro meter
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A digital Metro Tuner and Thermo Hygrometer all in one. Metronome functions include accented and subdivided beats, LCD simulated pendulum motion, additional LED beat lights, two memory settings, and a tempo range of 40 to 216 beats per minute. Tuner functions include A-430 to A-449 calibration, LCD simulating a needle meter, an 8-octave range, and 88 chromatic tone generations within full calibration range. The thermo-hygrometer has a temperature range of -14F to +140F, and a humidity range of 25% to 90%. Also includes volume control, and an earphone jack. Battery included.

Catalog ID: MTINTI301

List Price: $65.00

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