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Boss Dr. Beat Metronome DB-30
Catalog ID: MEBOSDB30
The Boss Dr. Beat DB-30 Metronome is more than just a time-keeper. This great metronome can lay down a variety of rhythm patterns and time to make practicing fun and easy! This Metronome features 9 rhythm types and 24 beat variations, including combinations of odd-time signatures and clav patterns, which are perfect for practicing Latin rhythms. The DB-30 also features a smooth-flowing LCD needle and two bright LEDs for visual tempo assistance. Other helpful functions include Tap Tempo for finding the right pulse fast, internal reference tones (12 semitones), auto power-off for optimizing battery life, and a stereo headphone jack so you won't miss a beat, even in noisy environments. This Metronome is a great value for the money!
Nine Rhythm Types and 24 Beat Variations
Smooth Flowing LCD Needle and 2 Bright LED's
Tap Tempo
Internal Reference Tones
Stereo Headphone Jack
Auto-Power Off
Stereo Headphone Jack
The battery is included!
In Stock