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SmartStop Endpin Rest for Cello, BeeStop

SmartStop Endpin Rest for Cello, BeeStop SmartStop Endpin Rest for Cello, BeeStop SmartStop Endpin Rest for Cello, BeeStop

SmartStop BeeStop for Cello

SmartStop Cello is an endpin stop for cellos that really works! SmartStop cello is slightly smaller, and has a slightly smaller/deeper hole than SmartStop Hybrid. It works best for cello and works with all endpin types and rubber tips.

Designed by a professional cellist, SmartStop sticks securely on most surfaces including marble, wood, laminate, linoleum, and more. While it sticks well, SmartStop can still be moved easily to make any adjustments needed. With a slim, light profile, SmartStop will fit easily into the pocket of your case.

SmartStop is hand-made in Minnesota by a team of musicians. As it is hand-made, each product may vary slightly in color or top surface.


  • Sticks to most surfaces, but moves easily if you need to adjust position.
  • Dust-resistant
  • Can be washed, but it doesn't need to be
  • For cellos with all endpin types and rubber tips.
  • Does not bounce. It is made from a hard plastic material on the top with a rubbery backing.

SmartStop was developed by Sarah West, a Juilliard-trained cellist and teacher who also invented and developed Magic Rosin, a popular professional-grade rosin for violin, viola and cello. Over three years of research on the best materials for both the top and the bottom of the SmartStop, and dozens of design change trials, have yielded an amazing backing that is strong, tear-resistant, and sticks to most surfaces, yet it releases easily to make micro-adjustments in positioning. SmartStop is dust-resistant but also washes easily (doesn't need washing under normal use). A cello and bass stop that actually works!

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