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Musica da Camera, piano trios; Various (EMB)

Musica da Camera (Editio Musica Budapest)
Piano works arranged for Piano Trio
intermediate level

  • Beethoven; Largo Appassionato from Sonata, Op. 2, No. 2
  • Beethoven; Adagio Asostinuto from Sonata, Op. 27, No. 2
  • Chopin; Mazurka from Op. 56, No. 2
  • Mendelssohn; Duetto from Lieder ohne Worte, Op.38, No.6
  • Mendelssohn; Lied ohne Worte, Op. 19b, No. 4
  • Schumann; Perfect Happiness (Scenes from Childhood)
  • Schumann; Traumerei (Scenes from Childhood)
  • Schumann; A Little Romance (Album for the Young)
  • Schumann; Foreign Lands & People (Scenes/ Childhood)
  • Grieg; Grandmother's Minuet (Lyric Pieces)
  • Grieg; At the Cradle (Lyric Pieces)
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Trio - Piano Trio
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest
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