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Music for Four, volume 3, cello- Rags & Waltzes (LRM)

  • Grande Valse Brillante in Eb Major, Op. 18 (Chopin)
  • Minute Waltz in Db Major, Op. 64 #1 (Chopin)
  • Waltz in C# Minor, Op. 64 #2 (Chopin)
  • Valse Lente from Coppelia (Delibes)
  • Waltz from Faust (Gounod)
  • Bethena, A Concert Waltz (Joplin)
  • The Easy Winners, A Ragtime Two-Step (Joplin)
  • Elite Syncopations (Joplin)
  • The Entertainer (Joplin)
  • Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)
  • Pineapple Rag (Joplin)
  • The Ragtime Dance, A Stop-Time Two-Step (Joplin)
  • Solace, A Mexican Serenade (Joplin)
  • The Strenuous Life, A Ragtime Two-Step (Joplin)
  • The Junk Man Rag (Roberts)
  • The Music Box Rag (Roberts)
  • Artist's Life/ Kunstler-Leben, Op. 316 (Strauss)
  • On the Beautiful Blue Danube, O. 314 (Strauss)
  • Emperor Waltz/ Kaiserwalzer, Op. 437 (Strauss)
  • Tales from the Vienna Woods, Op. 325 (Strauss)
  • Vienna Life/ Wiener Blut, Op. 354 (Strauss)
  • You and You from Die Fledermaus, Op. 367 (Strauss)
  • Waltz from Album for the Young (Tchaikovsky)
  • Estudiantina Suite de Valses, Op. 191 (Waldteufel)
  • The Skaters Waltz/ Les Patineurs, Op. 183 (Waldteufel)
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Quartet - String Quartet, Five or More Instruments, Quartet - Other Quartets
Publisher: Last Resort Music Publishing
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