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String Quartets volumeVIII (op. 64); Haydn (Hen)

String Quartets, Volume VIII, Op. 64 (Urtext)

  • Ed.: Warren Kirkendale, Ed.: Isidor Saslav, Ed.: Georg Feder, Preface: Christin Heitmann

Quartet C major op. 64 Hob. III:63

  • Quartet B minor op. 64 Hob. III:64
  • Quartet B flat major op. 64 Hob. III:65
  • Quartet G major op. 64 Hob. III:66
  • Quartet E flat major op. 64 Hob. III:67
  • Quartet ["Lark" Quartet] D major op. 64 Hob. III:68
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Quartet - String Quartet
Publisher: G. Henle
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