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Piano Trios, volume 2 (urtext); Joseph Haydn (G. Henle Verlag)
Urtext edition edited by Wolfgang Stockmeier
Fingering of piano part by Jorg Demus

  • Trio in G, Hob. XV: 5
  • Trio in F, Hob. XV: 6
  • Trio in D, Hob. XV: 7
  • Trio in B, Hob. XV: 8
  • Trio in A, Hob. XV: 9
  • Trio in Eb, Hob. XV: 10
  • Trio in Eb, Hob. XV: 11
  • Trio in e, Hob. XV: 12
  • Trio in c, Hob. XV: 13
  • Trio in Ab, Hob. XV: 14
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Trio - Piano Trio
Publisher: G. Henle
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