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Yamaha VNP-1 Violin Pickup, carpenter jack and bridge
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More and more, the violin is finding itself out of its classical surroundings and on the mainstream stage, performing in contemporary musical settings where obtaining optimum sound output under ever varying conditions is not always easy. The VNP1 is a fully-grounded, dual-sensor bridge pickup system installed in an Aubert bridge blank connected to a single-barrel, side-mounted jack that will not interfere with the player’s shoulder rest. It is designed to fight against outside noise and interference while effectively capturing the violin’s full sound spectrum. The signal goes to the included 1/4" output jack by a cable that hooks up easily with a simple three-prong connector with no soldering required! Included self-adhesive shielding tape goes on the underside of your tailpiece, and helps ground the pickup. There is also a ground wire which terminates in a ground lug that goes on the bottom of your E string's fine tuner. The design of Yamaha's VPN-1 violin pickup is extremely well thought-out, with simple and elegant solutions to the issues that make violinists the most nervous when they're looking to amplify their acoustic instruments.
Please Note: Returns can not be accepted after the bridge has been carved.


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