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Tensimount Microphone Isolator
Anyone who uses a microphone and is serious about clean, distortion-free sound uses a Tensimount.
Microphones are specifically designed to pick up the most subtle nuances of vibration. So why do we tightly clip them onto rigid metal stands where every movement of the stand, every footfall on the floor, every ugly vibration caused by monitor speakers, amps, drums, you name amplified, distorted, spewed out, and recorded?
Any microphone that can be mounted on a microphone stand, and even some that can't, can be used with the unique patented Tensimount microphone shock-mount. The Tensimount modular system is the only truly universal shock-mount system. It not only brings high quality isolation to the microphone system, it also brings a new level of convenience to microphone management.
Most microphones can be directly mounted into the Tensimount. The microphone is easily woven into the center of the bands. The mutual tension of the special elastic mounting bands floats the microphone in the center of the Tensimount rings. Once mounted, the Tensimount becomes an integral part of the microphone and fits into a standard microphone clip..
Every microphone should be shock-mounted and TENSIMOUNTâ„¢ DOES IT - PRACTICALLY AND AFFORDABLY!
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