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Schertler Pre-A III Acoustic Preamplifier

Schertler Pre-A III Acoustic Preamplifier
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The Schertler Pre-A III Acoustic Preamplifieris especially designed for use with all Schertler electrostatic and electro-dynamic transducers. The Pre-A III is a compact preamplifier loaded with features. Individual controls include Gain, Bass, Treble, Resonance (180 Hz attenuation), Volume, and it accepts both XLR and 1/4" jack inputs while featuring both "dry" and equalized outputs. It provides phantom power to the BLUESTiCK Marine system and STAT series pick-ups. A class-A constant current design and a regulated AC power supply means a strong instrument signal at all times is delivered to the sound system.
Features include:
Total class-A circuit.
No negative feedback.
Innovative filter design
Faster response.
Impressive sound
Integrated notch filter.
Is user friendly!

Catalog ID: ELSCH5020

List Price: $624.99

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