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Schertler pickup DYN-B Series Set for Double Bass

Catalog ID: ELSCH4040

Perfect amplification of the acoustic double bass has been a long-time dream for most jazz bassists. The DYN-B, in combination with a PRE-A III preamplifier and our Active Boxes, provides the most natural sound possible. DYN-B is ideal for orchestra and pro-audio-broadcast solutions. Easily moved from instrument to instrument, it provides a neutral tone and NO piezo harshness or distortion. The application and use of the Schertler DYN-B Series Set for Double Bass is extremely simple and safe. Special inert adhesive putty is provided to mount the pick-up to the instrument body. The best location for your sound is quickly found through our indications or through experimentation with placement. The balanced, low impedance output reduces the risk of hum and radio frequency (RF) interference, even with long cable runs. The XLR connector allows direct connection to mixing desks or preamplifier inputs. For additional control of gain, bass, treble, resonance and volume, the Schertler PRE-A III preamplifier is perfectly matched to the DYN-Series.

Features include:

  • Ideal for orchestra and broadcast
  • Easily moved from instrument to instrument
  • Extremely natural tone
  • Accurate sound reproduction
  • No piezo harshness or distortion
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List Price: $749.99