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Schertler pickup DYN-C Series Set for Cello
Catalog ID: ELSCH4030
Before the introduction of the DYN-C, amplification of the cello meant the challenge of an open microphone or the unpleasant “quack” of a piezo pick-up. Since its launch on the market the Schertler DYN-C Series Set for Cello has been recognized as the most natural sounding transducer for the cellist seeking to amplify the instrument in a moderately loud environment. The application and use of Schertler DYN Series transducers is extremely simple and safe. Special inert adhesive putty is provided to mount the pick-up to the instrument body. The best location for your sound is quickly found through our indications or through experimentation with placement. As with other Schertler electrostatic or electro-dynamic transducers, DYN-C works best through a full-range amplification system, such as our DAVID/UNICO amplifiers or the PRE-A III preamplifier connected to one of our active loudspeakers.
Features include:
Ideal for orchestra and broadcast
Easily moved from instrument to instrument
Extremely natural tone
Accurate sound reproduction
No piezo harshness or distortion
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List Price: $749.99