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Schertler pickup STAT-B Series Set for Double Bass
Catalog ID: ELSCH2040
The Schertler STAT-B Series Set for Double Bass is Schertler's classic electrostatic bridge-mounted transducer. This transducer is ideal in applications where high volume levels must not present a handicap. It provides high feedback resistance while reflecting the natural sound of the Double Bass with a clear, well defined and "round" string tone. The Schertler STAT-PRE preamplifier is the perfect choice for use with STAT series of pickups for classic stringed instruments. Compact, versatile and easy to use, the STAT-PRE provides power to the STAT-B pickup while allowing control of volume. This Schertler STAT-B Series Set for Double Bass includes pick-up, cable, and the battery-powered STAT-PRE preamplifier with volume control.
Features include:
Strong, accurate bridge tone
Perfect for loud stages
No piezo harshness or distortion
High feedback resistance
Easily installed
Please Note: Returns can not be accepted after the pickup has been carved.
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List Price: $549.99