Schertler pickup STAT-V Series Set for Violin/Viola
Catalog ID: ELSCH2010
Stephan Schertler's classic transducer and first product, the STAT pick-up, established his reputation for innovation. First introduced in 1986, today thousands of musicians throughout the world depend on the STAT transducer. The patented Schertler STAT-V Series Set for Violin-Viola stands out for its high feedback resistance and for delivering an impressive bridge tone without the harshness or distortion of piezo pick-ups. Located under the high string in the bridge wing cut-out, STAT-V delivers a direct and punchy sound. Unlike shrill or metallic piezo pick-ups, STAT-V accurately reproduces the warm sound of your strings. The bottom of the violin/viola sound is impressively reproduced with all its depth and body, while the highs are clear and bright. The STAT-V is the choice for a loud musical environment. It represents the ideal system for rock, fusion and jazz players where high amplifier levels must not present a handicap. The Schertler STAT-V Series Set for Violin-Viola includes pick-up, cable, and the battery-powered STAT-PRE preamplifier with volume control.
Features include:
Strong, accurate bridge tone
Perfect for loud stages
No piezo harshness or distortion
High feedback resistance
Easily installed
Please Note: Returns can not be accepted after the pickup has been carved.
List Price: $549.99