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Schertler Basik Set for Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar
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The Schertler Basik is the contact pick-up for all stringed instruments. The application and use of Schertler pickups is extremely simple and safe. Special inert adhesive putty, which can be easily removed without a trace, is provided to mount the pickup to the instrument body. The best location for your sound is quickly found through our indications or through experimentation with placement. Using the adapter box for phantom power enables connection to literally any amp. Musicians are raving that the Schertler Basik delivers absolutely genuine acoustic sound. The Schertler Basik Set consists of the pickup for acoustic string instruments, original Schertler adhesive putty, and the adapter box for phantom power.
Features include:
Easy to attach
Genuine acoustic sound
With adapter box for phantom power
Removable without leaving residues
Use with virtually any string instrument

Catalog ID: ELSCH1010

List Price: $199.00

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