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JSI Cello Pick Up Bundle: Realist Cello Pick up, Fire-Eye Dee Eye Pre Amp and Planet Waves 10' Cable
Catalog ID: ELPBCEJS30110
The best way to electrify your acoustic instrument! The JSI Pickup Bundle is a comprehensive kit that will allow you to amplify your cello through any PA system while preserving its beautiful, natural tone! Created with sound quality, this bundle features the Realist cello pickup matched with the conveniently simple Fire Eye Dee-Eye preamp and a Planet Waves Classic Series Instrument cable.
The Realist Cello Pickup was designed by Ned Steinberger in association with David Gage. A primary design goal was to create a transducer that would work equally well for pizzicato and arco through commonly used amplifiers. A flexible element fits under the bridge foot so that it picks up sound from both the bridge and top plate. The Realist produces a rich and powerful response that is acoustically true for both plucking and bowing without adjusting controls.
The Fire-Eye Dee-Eye Preamplifier is a wonderfully simple instrument preamp designed for instruments with high-input impedance piezoelectric pickups from violins to basses. No need to adjust tone, volume or gain settings, the Dee-Eye offers a truly plug-and-play experience. The Dee-Eye is powered by XLR phantom power from the mixboard. Features include a 1/4" instrument input, a balanced XLR Output, and ΒΌ-inch output and input for accessory loop. This accessory loop is perfect for tuners, effects stomp boxes or for output to onstage amplifiers. Designed and improved over the course of several years to meet the needs of performing musicians, the Dee-Eye is crafted from the highest quality components available, resulting in a wonderful, natural tone.
The Planet Waves "Classic Series" Instrument Cable is the best value single conductor cable that we've seen. This cable is 10 feet long with a positive connection into standard 1/4"-6.35 mm jacks. Special coaxial cable design provides extra-clean signal and low capacitance. Molded connectors provide extra protection over ordinary plugs.
List Price: $426.99