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LR Baggs Viola Pickup, carpenter jack and bridge

Catalog ID: ELLRBVA02

The LR Baggs Viola Pickup features a miniature vibration transducer cast right into the bridge. The transducer is designed to accept the tone-rich left/right movement of the bridge, reject feedback, eliminate scratchy nasal sounds, and trace the natural sound of the instrument. The LR Baggs Viola Pickup has continued set the standard since its inception and is the top choice of many professions. The pickup is a miniature vibration transducer cast directly into a 46mm Superior Despiau Two Tree maple bridge for maximum sensitivity and signal transfer. As an integral part of the bridge, it effortlessly captures the instrument's inherent dynamics. Furthermore, it's selective admittance pattern is aligned so that the signal is generated as the bridge moves in a left-right motion (in response to the string vibrations). The transducer also rejects any impulse directed to the plane of the bridge, minimizing annoying finger squeaks, body noise and feedback. The L.R. Baggs Viola Pickup also features unprecedentedly consistent performance, and will not affect the tone of your viola. Each pickup is quality tested and carries a one year warranty.

  • Please Note: Returns can not be accepted after the bridge has been carved.
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List Price: $199.00