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Vox amPhone Lead Headphones

Vox amPhone Lead Headphones
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The Vox amPhone Lead palm-sized amplifying headphones enable musicians to easily plug into any guitar to achieve high quality guitar sounds anywhere. The amPhone Lead Headphones delivers a heavy British crunch lead sound. The amPhones Lead series headphones contain numerous effects that add variety to the sound featuring reverb, chorus, and delay. Each effect is adjustable, giving you sound with superb presence that will bring out your best performances. Now, amPhones make it even easier for you to practice and play silently, without bothering others. While the Vox amPlug required the user to provide the headphones, the amPhones are headphones that have the amPlug technology already built in! Just plug in your instrument, and enjoy serious guitar/bass sound and superb comfort. amPhones are created using headphone technology from Audio-Technica, the name you trust for headphones. amPhones can also be used as conventional headphones when the amplifier simulator is switched off. You can connect your guitar/bass to these headphones, or use them for listening to music. amPhones are what you need, whether you're practicing by yourself in your room, or listening to your portable audio player on the way to the studio. amPhones are a must-have item for any Vox enthusiast.


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