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Roland Mobile AC Acoustic Portable Amplifier

The Roland Mobile AC adds a new level of portability to Roland's acoustic guitar amplifier range. Powered by 6 AA batteries or an optional AC Adapter, the Mobile AC can be used anywhere. Designed with the traveling musician in mind, the Mobile AC will easily fit in a backpack, making this amp the perfect companion for busking, coffee house shows, or even as a monitor in larger venues. With two 2.5 Watt stereo power amps (for a total of 5 Watts) matched with two 4 inch speakers, the Mobile AC pumps out a big sound and lush stereo reverb and chorus. A "Wide" switch broadens the sound image produced, the effect is even greater when using reverb or chorus. An audio input allows you to plug in your media player to play along with your favorite tunes. Separate mic and instrument inputs allow you to play and sing at the same time and each input features its own volume control allowing you to dial in the perfect mix. A simplified EQ control is provided in the form of a "Tone" knob: turn clockwise for a brighter tone, or counterclockwise for a milder sound. Optimized for acoustic guitar, the Mobile AC also sounds great with violin, viola and cello.
Features include:
5-Watt Stereo Amplifier
Two 4-Inch Speakers
Simple, Intuitive Controls
Microphone Input For Singing
Audio Inputs For Playing Along With Portable Media Players
3-Channel Mixer With Individual Volume Controls For Microphone, Guitar, And Audio Input
Chorus, Reverb, And Wide Effects
Powered By Six AA Alkaline Batteries, Or Optional Boss PSB-120 AC Adapter
In Stock
List Price: $262.00