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Yamaha SV-130 Silent 4/4 Brown Violin Outfit including Johnson Artist Bow and Gray Gig Bag
Catalog ID: EIVNYAMVN12/1N

The Yamaha SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Brown 4/4 Violin provides violinists of all levels with the ability to practice confidently without disturbing others. Though the acoustic sound produced is barely a whisper, you will hear yourself in the rich, virtual environment of a resonant concert hall. The SV-130 allows players of any level to play or practice anytime. Building upon the great success of it's predecessor, the SV-120, the new SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Violin enables players of all levels to practice silently, anyplace and at anytime. With the inclusion of a 1/4 inch output jack, this instrument can be played through any standard amplifier, and the violin's improved circuitry produces higher quality sound while reducing noise output. The SV-130 may also be used along with an MP3 or CD player through the aux-in jack, useful for practice or just to play along with your favorite tunes. This beautiful silent violin screams Yamaha quality!

Johnson Artist Carbon Composite Violin Bows have a sleek, black stick of high quality carbon composite material, and is strung with high quality horse hair. The bow is strong, flexible, and durable, handles well and provides rich, clear tone. The ebony frog is mounted with nickel and is decorated with a Parisian eye. The grip has silver winding and a thumb leather. The button is double-banded with ebony and nickel. The weight is approximately 60.5 grams. Perfect for electric violins!

Yamaha's Gray Gig Bag features the Tri-carry design letting you use the handle, or the strap for over-the-shoulder or backpack-style carrying. Multiple storage areas for a bow and other small accessories. Rip chord fasteners on the exterior provide additional storage options. This is a quality gig bag was made specifically for the Yamaha Silent Electric series but is great for virtually any electric violin!

List Price: $1,192.95