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Bridge Aquila EV4 Green Marble Electric Violin Outfit
Catalog ID: EIVNBRIEV43/1G
Bridge handmade Aquila Model EV4RM 4-String Violins combine modern technology with the traditional craft of the violinmaker maximizing the playability and sound quality required for today's demanding enviroments. The hollow body of this instrument is hand formed from Kevlar and Carbon-Fiber composite giving it a high strength to weight ratio, immense durability, and a natural resonance.
A Traditional Finish: The ebony fingerboard, nut and neck are professionally shaped and traditionally finished. The headstock shield is inspired by Stradivarius 1710 Viola da Gamba, the distinctive Bridge shield and through peg box, is carved from a single maple block. The high quality ebony pegs are professionally fitted to give positive grip with ease of movement. The instrument is fitted with a light-weight tailpiece with fine tuners and a Dresden style ebony chinrest. The EV4RM comes supplied with quality Pirastro Tonica strings, although any other strings can be used.
Encapsulated Pickup System: These awesome electric violins use an encapsulated pickup system integrated into the bridge, utilizing all advantages of a traditional bridge and capturing the warmth of tone synonymous with their acoustic counterparts. Note that Bridge does not supply this pickup system to any other manufactures or makers. The violin features convenient volume and tone tilt controls situated for easy adjustment.
The 1/4 inch jack socket is carefully positioned and angled to avoid drag and interference with the cable and the angle and proportions are compatible with all common wireless solutions. The readily available 3-Volt coin cell battery is also located on the underside providing 1000 hours of playing time and it only drains when the jack is plugged in.
Perfectly Suited For Use With:
Small Practice Amps
Combo Amps
Seperate Heads and Cabs
Full Concert Rigs
Solid State or Valve Amps
Direct to Mixing Desk
Direct to Home Sound Studio
Any Guitar Effect Units
Moulded Kevlar/Carbon-Fiber Composite Body
Maple Neck
Stylized Head
Pirastro Tonica Strings
Tuner Tailpiece
Ebony Fingerboard and Nut
Body Length: 359mm
Neck Stop: 130mm
Body Stop: 195mm
Nut Width: 24mm
String Spacing at Nut: 16.5mm
String Spacing at Bridge: 34mm
Weight: 600g
String Tunings: E-A-D-G
Bridge Pick-Up: Piezo Configuration
Volume and Tone Control
Output via 1/4" Jack Socket
Active, Surface Mount Pre Amp
Instrument Output: 100mV Nominal
Load resistance: 10Kohms Minimum
Battery: Lithium 3V CR2032
Battery Life: Approx 1000 hrs
This beautiful Bridge Aquila Electric 4-String Violin comes complete with a Bridge Hard Case and a Bridge Carbon Fiber Bow.
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