Yamaha SLB-100 3/4 Silent Bass
Catalog ID: EIBAYAMSB10/2N
If you've been looking for an alternative to lugging around that big acoustic bass of yours, or you want a great sounding electric upright to add to your electric instrument arsenal, the Yamaha SLB-100 Silent Electric 3/4 Bass delivers a serious sound that is meant to be heard. A member of Yamaha's Silent String Series, the SLB-100 is designed to offer bassists a compact, easy to transport instrument that feels, plays and sounds as close to the real thing as possible. Played pizzicato or with a bow this 3/4-scale instrument delivers solid full-bodied tone making it an excellent choice for any jazz or pop gig. Internal electronics let you simply plug in and play without the need of any external preamplification. Remove the detachable frame and everything slips into the optional soft case making transport to and from the gig easier than an acoustic.
Solid Body: The solid body of the Yamaha SLB100 Silent 3/4 Bass uses a 3-ply design that virtually eliminates unwanted feedback yet delivers full-bodied tone. A Detachable frame provides the most natural feel and support of the Instrument. Removal is easy and offers added portability of the instrument.
Dual Pickups: Dual piezo pickups located under the bridge deliver the optimum tone quality. The adjustable bridge height and a pickup balance control let you tailor the feel and response of the instrument to individual needs.
Plug & Play: Internal electronics allow plug and play operation without the need of external preamplification. A Headphone/Line Out jack offers versatile connectivity and AUX In Jack allows for the connection of a CD player, MD player or cassette deck.
The SLB-100 operates on either battery power (DC9V) or the optional AC power supply PA-3B.
Support: The BKS1 Knee support (supplied) attaches to the back of the instrument's body to provide added support of the instrument. An optional stand gives you a place to park your Silent Bass when not being played. And the optional soft case, which is equipped with a strap for easy transport, offers space for the knee support.
Neck: Maple
Body: Spruce + Mahogany
Fingerboared: Ebony
Bridge: Maple (Height is adjustable)
Frame Unit: Beech + Aluminum frame
Tuning Pegs: Custom Worm Gear Type
Tail Piece: Ebony
Strings: Contra Bass Strings (Ball-end type)
Sensors: 2 Piezo pickups
Aux IN (w/level Control)
(Headphone)/LINE OUT output jack for normal use
Tone Control
AC Adaptor (DC 12 V):
Manganese Battery Life: approximately 12 hours
Alkaline Battery Life: approximately 24 hours
String length: 1,054 mm(41,5'')
Dimensions with the frame attached and the End Pin fully contracted: 1,735(W)x525(W)x453(H)mm or 68,3''(L)x20,7''(W)x17,1''(H)
Weight: approximately 10 kg (22 lbs.3 oz)

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