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Roland Cube CB-60XL Bass Amplifier
Just as the CUBE guitar-amp family received an XL upgrade, now it’s time for the CUBE BASS line to reach XL status. The new CUBE XL BASS amplifiers remain portable and travel friendly, a CUBE tradition, but they benefit from new-generation XL performance enhancements. These new amps deliver a knock-out punch with custom FFP and COSM technology. FFP is one of Roland’s core technologies in which each component — amp, cabinet, and speaker — achieves maximum efficiency and performance for incredible power from a compact body. The mid-size CUBE-60XL BASS provides 60 watts of power in a portable cabinet that’s great for rehearsals and gigs alike. It has a Solo channel with memory, eight COSM amp models, 3-band EQ, onboard effects, and a world’s first, built-in Looper for constructing stacks of sound in real-time!
Features include:
Compact 60-watt bass amp with custom-designed 10-inch coaxial speaker
Dual custom-designed Air Flow Port for deep bass and punchy sound
Eight COSM amp models, including the new SUPER LOW amp
Seven effects, including the new DRIVE and POLY OCTAVE
SOLO function with memory for use as a second channel
Power Squeezer for big, rich sound at low volumes
Phrase Looper onboard for sound-on-sound recording with unlimited overdubs
Three-band EQ for fine-tuning your sound
Built-in chromatic bass tuner with drop tuning support
Rated Power Output: 60 W
Nominal Input Level: Bass Input: -10 Dbu/1 M Ohm - Aux In: -10 Dbu
Speaker: 25 Cm (10 Inches) + Tweeter (Coaxial, 2-Way)
Controls: Power Switch, Tuner Switch, Power Squeezer Switch
Comp/Drive Knob
Type Switch (Super Flat, Flip Top, B Man, T.E, Bass360, Session, Concert 810, Super Low)
Shape Switch
Gain Knob
Volume Knob
On/Off, Memory Switch
Volume Knob
Equalizer: Bass Knob - Middle Knob - Treble Knob
Indicators: Power - Comp/Drive - Tuner - Shape - Solo - EFX - Delay/Looper - Rec/Play/Dub - Reverb - Power Squeezer
Connectors: Bass Input Jack (1/4" Phone Type) - Aux In Jack (Stereo Miniature Phone Type) - Line Out Jack (1/4" Phone Type) - Di Out Jack (Xlr Type) - Recording Out/Phones Jack (Stereo 1/4" Phone Type) - Foot SW Jack (Tip:Solo, Ring:Comp/Drive) (1/4" Trs Phone Type) - Foot SW Jack (Tip:Efx, Ring:Reverb) (1/4" Trs Phone Type) - Foot SW Jack (Tip:Delay/Rec/Play/Dub, Ring:Tap/Stop) (1/4" Trs Phone Type)
Power Consumption: 25 W
Width: 421mm 16-5/8 Inches
Depth: 325 mm 12-13/16 Inches
Height: 479mm 18-7/8 Inches
Weight: 16.2kg 35lbs. 12oz
In Stock
List Price: $595.00