NS Design CR Cello End Pin Stand

NS Design CR Cello End Pin Stand

The fully adjustable mono-pod design of the NS Design Cello End Pin Stand allows the player to set the instrument in a position like that of an acoustic cello. It attaches to the Cello using the same mounting as the stock tripod stand. The point where the end pin touches the floor can be easily adjusted so that the weight of the instrument is centered over the tip. This balances the instrument, leaving both hands free for expressive play. This end pin has the traditional knee and chest contact points for seated play and the height, knee rest position and instrument angle are adjustable. The knee rest folds so the stand easily fits in the instrument's gig bag. This steel end pin stand will fit NS Design CR, NXT, and WAV model cellos.

Weight: 3.8 lbs
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List Price: $460.00