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Negri Diplomat Violin Case, Brown/Olive Green

Handsome, luxurious, classic. Pamper your instrument with this fine all-natural wood case wrapped in beautiful Tuscan leather.


  • Five-layer laminate wooden construction
  • Cover made of brown full grain leather
  • Extra screws for a perfect attaching of the cover
  • Large zippered music pocket
  • Finest brass hardware
  • Extra strong leather straps
  • Heavy gauge welded D-Rings
  • Original swiss latch
  • Oversized leather handle (for carrying the case with gloves in cold weather)


  • Highest quality leather and velvet
  • 3 Points deep suspension air system
  • Leather straps for attaching the instrument
  • 4 high quality two position bow spinners with springs made of rosewood (only for special edition).
  • 3 accesory compartments
  • Elegant brass pulls
  • Blanket made of finest Velvet and silk material
  • Special cushion for bridge protection
  • Pencil compartment
  • Hygrometer
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