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Accord Ultralight 4/4 Large Size Cello Case, White

Accord Ultralight 4/4 Large Size Cello Case, White
Catalog ID: CSCEAC3001SL/1ZY

Accord Ultralight 4/4 Large Cello Case - Solid White exterior

Every Accord case is hand crafted of carbon fibre and other high strrength and low weight composites by highly skilled European case makers.

Features include:

  • The very light weight and sleek contoured shape help Accord cases feel almost effortless to carry.
  • Because of the interlocking carbon fibre edge and highly protective adjustable suspension system, Accord cases provide outstanding security and weather proofing.
  • All hardware is European made.
  • Two padded shoulder/back pack straps are included with each case.
  • A ten year warranty and unlimited free technical support are included.
  • The expected useful life span of Accord cases exceeds 20 years. Accord cases have the lowest per year cost of any professional level cases.
  • Accord medium size shells are larger than most medium cases.
  • Upper Bout 15 inches, Lower Bout 17.25 inches, Length 51.7 inches
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Case Type Hard Case
Case Shape Shaped