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School of Bowing, op. 2, book 2, Cello; Sevcik (Bosworth)

School of Bowing, op. 2, book 2, Cello; Sevcik (Bosworth)

School of Bowing Technique, opus 2/2 by Otakar Sevcik arranged for cello by Feuillard (Bosworth)

Otakar Sevcik was one of the foremost string pedagogues, whose studies cover rigorous and effective technical exercises from the elementary level players to the most advanced.

"School of Bowing Technique'' deals with the elementary technical demands of the right hand and helps to develop bowing style, accuracy, rhythms, and wrist speed/strength. Book 2 contains methods and exercies pertaining to rhythmic exercises, different bowing styles and sustained tones. This Bosworth Edition includes helpful commentary on the exercises.

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