Position Pieces for Cello, book 1; Mooney (Sum)

Position Pieces for Cello, book 1; Mooney (Sum)

A logical and fun way to learn to get around the fingerboard. Hand positions are introduced with exercises such as "Target Practice," or "Geography Quiz." Next comes tuneful cello duets specifically composed to use that hand position. With titles like "I Was a Teenage Monster," position study on the cello has never been so much fun!


"Upper" Second Position:

  • Fanfare
  • Skating
  • The Elephant's Waltz
  • The Tired Tortoise
  • The Whale's Song
  • March
  • Sitting in the Shade
  • Bugle Call
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Lament
  • The Invisible Target
  • Pachyderm Parade

Extended Second Position:

  • Somersaults and Cartwheels
  • Tango
  • Erik's Minuet

"Lower" Third Position:

  • Japanese Garden
  • I'm So Sleepy
  • March of the Dinosaurs
  • The Haunted House
  • I Was a Teenage Monster

"Lower" Second Position:

  • I've Got Homework
  • Valse Triste
  • Sicilienne
  • Etude

Fourth Position:

  • Church Bells
  • A Minor Melody
  • The Big Kangaroo
  • A Cloudy Day
  • Busy Bees
  • In a Hurry

"Upper" Third Position:

  • The Troubadour
  • Hoedown
  • A Waltz
  • The Hippopotamus' Dance
  • The Heavy Highlander
  • Barcarole

Extended Third Position:

  • Dreamland
  • Marching Martians
  • Bugle Call
  • The Tiny Ballerina
  • Jig

Half Position:

  • Half Position Serenade
  • The Shark
  • Running
  • Going Baroque
  • Spanish Dance

Various Positions

  • At the Ball
  • Sad Song
  • Walking Home
  • Landler
  • Feeling Fine
  • The Irish Tenor
  • Melancholy
  • Jack Spratt Dances With His Wife
  • Playing in the Park
  • I Got the Blues, Baby
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