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My First Concert for cello, with piano, volume 1 (Katharina Deserno); Various (Schott Editions)


25 short pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods, including Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Tango.

  • Renaissance
  • Pavane; Don Luis Milan
  • Arietta (from Sonata D minor op.8); Willem de Fesch
  • Menuetto (from Sonata No. 3 F major); Cirri
  • Allegro (from Sonata G Major); Schaffrath

  • Classical Age
  • Allegretto (from Sonatina G Major); Paxton
  • I Allegro; Reinagle
  • II Andante; Reinagle
  • III Presto; Reinagle

  • Romantic Age
  • Morning Stroll; Gretchaninoff
  • Twilight; Gretchaninoff
  • On Winter's Eve (from Early Morning); Gretchaninoff
  • Scherzo; Schlemuller
  • Landler; Schlemuller

  • Modern Age (20th/21th Century)
  • Allegro giocoso (from Little House Music); Sturmer
  • Easy Piece (from Three East Pieces); Hindemith
  • A lullaby to awaken you?; Heller
  • From Another Planet (from My Favourite Song From Yesterday); Regner

  • Rock, Pop, Tango and more...
  • Spiritual (from Short Stories); Putz
  • Dorian Blue; Wunsch - Jazz
  • Wind Song; Koeppen - Rock
  • Disco Hit; Koeppen - Funk-Pop
  • At the Beach; Koeppen - Bossa Nova
  • Lords of Chords; Kemminer - Metal-Cello-Rock
  • Los ninos del Tango; Kemminer - Tango
  • Shana Tova (Happy New Year); Kemminer - Klezmer
Book Type: Pop/Movie/Jazz
Ensemble: Accompanied Solos
Publisher: Schott Editions
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