Schubert Lieder, op. 117b, volume 2, transcriptions for cello and piano arranged by Friedrich August Kummer; Franz Schubert (Edition Schott)
25 transscriptions for violoncello and klavier, volume 2

The cellist Friedrich August Kummer is one of the best-known virtuosos of the 19th century. Among his numerous compositions, arrangements and concert paraphrases are these catchy transcriptions of Schubert lieder, easily playable for the cello and rewarding concert pieces.

  • Das Wandern
  • Wohin?
  • Der Neugierige
  • Halt!
  • Des Mullers Blumer
  • Morgengruss
  • Erlkönig
  • Mein
  • Mit dem grunen Lautenbach
  • Die bose Farbe
  • Des Baches Wiegenlied
  • Die Muller und der Bach
  • Edition Schott, edited by Wolfgang Birtel
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Accompanied Solo
Publisher: Schott Editions
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