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Playing in Keys for the Cello, book 1; Cassia Harvey (C. Harvey Publications)


Playing in Keys for Cello, Book One teaches the beginning cello student to play in first position in C, G, and F major. By focusing on areas where students typically struggle to adjust to a specific key (for instance, knowing whether to play 2nd or 3rd finger on each string), the book builds a deep knowledge of the keys; sharps and flats are presented as vocabulary in a language. With carefully graded exercises and short pieces, this book is a valuable addition to the beginning cello repertoire, giving teachers a much-needed tool for teaching keys. Playing in Keys for Cello, Book One is appropriate for beginning and early-intermediate cello students, as well as adult learners. This book works well along with The Triplet Book for Cello, Part One and can be followed by Cello Stretching: Extended First Position. Level 1C

Book Type: Method
Publisher: C. Harvey Publications
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