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First Position Scale Studies for the Cello, book 1; Cassia Harvey (C. Harvey Publications)


First Position Scale Studies for the Cello presents easy scale exercises and bowings on the C, G, D, and F major scales. Useful as an introductory book for scales, this book is also helpful with building tone and exploring extended first position. The book begins with the C major scale and teaches basic slur patterns and easy rhythms. After exercises on the G and D scales, the book progresses to octaves of the D and F major scales that use the extended first position. Rhythms are taught in 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8 timing. Continuing where the scale exercises left off at the end of Beginning Technique for the Cello, First Position Scales works well alongside Finger Exercises for the Cello, Book One, and Daily Exercises for Cello, Book One. The book concludes with slow scale exercises for vibrato work and eighth-note studies for speed. Level 1B

Book Type: Method
Publisher: C. Harvey Publications
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