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Beginner's Guide to the Cello, book 1; Grant (Lud)


The objective of the Beginner’s Guide to the Cello is to provide interesting material with which the conscientious teacher can “build” a cellistic posture of the hands and body and lay the groundwork for future development. Specific requirements of a technical nature, such as playing in the various parts of the bow and holding the fingers in place, have been omitted for several reasons. First, to present a clear and uncluttered page, which is a primary obligation in writing for the untrained eye; and second, the use of such signs and abbreviations in elementary instruction is considered to be less effective than verbal directions from the teacher. The teacher is free, therefore, to exercise their own judgment and impose their own requirements in these matters.


  • The Open D and A Strings
  • The Open G, D, and A Strings
  • The First and Third Fingers on the D String
  • The Fourth Finger on the D String
  • The First, Third, and Fourth Fingers on the A String
  • The First, Third, and Fourth Fingers on the C and G Strings
  • The Detached Slur, The Slur, and The Tie
  • Crossing the Strings
  • New Rhythms (The Eighth Note)
  • The Dotted Note
  • The Second Finger on the D and A Strings
  • Exercises on All Four Strings
Book Type: Method
Publisher: Ludwig Music Publishing
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