Stringstastic, level 3 for cello; Lorraine Chai (Stringstastic)

Stringstastic, level 3 for cello; Lorraine Chai (Stringstastic)

Stringstastic, level 3 for cello by Lorraine Chai

Ensemble series provides students (ages 6-11) with a solid foundation in music theory through the eyes of a violin, viola or cello player. This series is designed so that they can be used hand in hand with each other in a beginner ensemble or group lesson.

Stringstastic Ensemble level 3 follows on from the knowledge which young players have gained in Stringstastic Levels 1 and 2. Stringstastic Level 3 further extends that knowledge through games and fun graphics. extra features: rhythmic dictation

48 pages

ISBN: 978-0-6452670-2-0

Book Type: Method
Publisher: Stringstastic
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