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Sonatas for Violoncello & Piano, revised (urtext); Ludwig van Beethoven (Henle)
Sonatas for Violoncello and Piano (Revised Urtext Edition) - Ludwig van Beethoven (Edited by Jens Dufner)
(Includes Cello Parts with and without annotations)

This revised edition of Beethoven's five sonatas incorporates the findings contained in the critical report of the Beethoven Complete Edition.

Table of contents
  • Beethoven: Sonata A major, Op. 69
  • Beethoven: Sonata C major, Op. 102,1
  • Beethoven: Sonata D major, Op. 102,2
  • Beethoven: Sonata F major, Op. 5,1
  • Beethoven: Sonata g minor, Op. 5,2
Book Type: Repertoire
Ensemble: Accompanied Solos
Publisher: G. Henle
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