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JonPaul Carrera model silver-mounted violin bow

JonPaul Carrera model silver-mounted violin bow
Catalog ID: C-VNB/JP5011

The JonPaul Carrera bow has the quick response and even tone that we have come to expect from the Jon Paul carbon fiber bows. Additionally, it yields a broad and warm tone and is very well balanced.

Features of the Carrera include:

  • Textured "Varnished" Finish
  • One Piece Professional-Grade Round Stick
  • Premium Sterling-Silver
  • Fine-Grained Ebony Frog
  • Parisian Eye
  • Pearl Slide
  • Sterling-Silver Winding
  • Leather Grip
  • Finest Quality Hair

While the Carrera bow includes the classic features of the other Jon Paul models, special attention is given to each aspect of the making of this bow to achieve yet another level of playing and sound. Improvements in balance, weight, and flexibility are made not just to enhance the playability, but to create the warm, rich, and complex tones of the best wooden bows. The appearance is also enhanced with a textured, "varnished" finish, which is discreet enough to blend into any collection.

JonPaul "Carrera" model Carbon fiber stick, silver and ebony frog. 4/4
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