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Johnson String Two-Star silver-mounted viola bow
Catalog ID: C-VAB/LC212S

The Johnson String two-star workshop bows are made to our specifications and hand-selected from the very best Chinese workshops. All bows are handmade in the time-honored tradition from high quality materials.

Johnson String two-star viola bows are made with high quality pernambuco sticks which are nicely balanced.

Of the three levels of Johnson String workshop bows, the two-star bows are suitable for the intermediate player.

Features Include:

  • Silver-mounted ebony frogs decorated with Parisian eyes
  • Silver winding with reptile grip
  • Silver buttons
  • Mammoth ivory tips
  • High quality pernambuco wood
  • Highest quality horse hair
  • Weights between 69.7g-70.6g
Johnson String Two-Star viola bow Pernambuco, silver-mounted ebony frog. 16” and larger
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