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CodaBow Diamond GX Viola Bow

CodaBow Diamond GX Viola Bow
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CodaBow Diamond GX Model Viola Bow Carbon fiber

Catalog ID: C-VAB/CB53B4

Diamond GX Viola Bow: As the crown jewel of the Diamond Collection the Diamond GX embodies the unrivaled marriage of timeless craftsmanship and industry-first technology. Designed by a professional player, the GX offers performance once reserved for only the finest pernambuco bows, producing an organic sound never before achieved in a carbon fiber bow.

Features include:

  • Kevlar Acoustic Core
  • Stunning Graphite Diamond Weave Finish
  • Permanbuco Tint
  • Traditional Frog made from Polished Premium Ebony by Walter Paulus
  • Select Goldfish Slide
  • Gold Coda Eye Inlay
  • Sterling Silver Winding
  • Sterling Silver Fittings
  • Moroccan Goat Skin Grip
  • Simulated Ivory Tip Plate
  • Gold Medal Stallion Hair
  • Traditional Hand-Cut Wood Wedges and Plugs
  • Individually Numbered
  • Full Lifetime Guarantee to Registered Owner

Regular Price: $930.00

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