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Ernest Edler violin, Boston circa 1930

Ernest Edler violin, Boston circa 1930
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Ernest Edler, Boston circa 1930 Shaded red orange varnish. 355mm 4/4

Catalog ID: C-932

Ernest Edler worked for his father, J. Henry Edler in Boston, who headed the old violins department at Elias Howe in from 1900-1919. The elder Edler renamed the shop J.H. Edler & Son when Ernest joined him. We don't have much information on Ernest; only that he was still working in Boston in 1940.

  • This violin was made c. 1930. It is unlabeled, but is stamped with a tiny bridge stamp which is used on the original bridge as well: EDLER BOSTON.

The medium flame of the one-piece quarter-sawn maple back is of medium width and runs horizontally. The orange-brown varnish is evenly applied over a golden ground. The tone is a very attractive dark, bold, and rich sound. The pattern of this violin is after Stradivari, but the scroll is cut in a large, thick, del Gesu 'Cannon' style.


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