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4/4 Peter Baltzerson violin, Boston 1932
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Peter Baltzerson, Boston 1932 Shaded red orange varnish. 355mm 4/4

Catalog ID: C-930

  • Peter Baltzerson violin, Boston, 1935
    Peter Baltzerson was born in Tjotta, Norway and died in Boston in 1938. Baltzerson moved to Boston in the 1880s where he worked in building construction and built violins as a hobby. He later worked for O. H. Bryant on Huntington Avenue in Boston, then established his own shop. He is known for the consistently beautiful tone quality of his violins.
    This stunning violin has a one-piece back of prominent flame and orange-red varnish shaded on an amber ground. The tone quality is heavenly--a sweet, rich, and full sound.


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