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4/4 Calvin Baker violin, Boston 1881
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Calvin Baker, Boston 1881 Golden orange varnish. 355mm 4/4

Catalog ID: C-927


    Calvin Baker violin, Boston, 1881
    Calvin Baker apprenticed with Asa White and worked for Thompson & Odell at 177 Washington Street in Boston. He also worked for Orin Weeman and had his own shops in Braintree and Weymouth, Massachusetts. He later partnered with H. E. Baker of Baker & Abbott in Boston.
    This violin is made from wood salvaged from the old Marlboro Hotel built in 1837 and formerly located at 229 Washington Street in Boston. It is after a Stradivari model, with a beautiful two-piece maple back of medium flame and varnish of golden orange. Typical of Baker's instruments, the stamp C. BAKER appears on the back under the button, interrupting the line of purfling. The violin possesses excellent volume and clarity, and is bold and bright.


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