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Jerome Bonaparte Squier violin, Boston 1893
Catalog ID: C-925

Jerome Bonaparte Squier (1838-1912), sometimes referred to as the American Stradivari, was born in Cleveland and died in Boston. He began making violins in Lewiston, Maine, then set up his own shop on Washington Street in Boston in 1881. Among his most famous violins are the twelve Apostles series and the George Washington. He experimented a great deal with varnish recipes, the golden brown of his amber oil varnish is considered his best. His son, Victor Carroll Squier also became a prolific maker in Boston, Worcester, and Battle Creek, Michigan.

This violin, made in Boston in 1893, displays Squier's beautiful golden brown varnish and exquisite edgework with the well-defined fluting of the back of the head and exceptional carving of the scroll. The violin has a sweet, clear, and warm tone that projects wonderfully.

Jerome Bonaparte Squier, Boston 1893 Light golden brown varnish. 356mm 4/4
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