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4/4 Nathan Edson violin, Boston 1904
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Nathan Edson, Boston 1904 Dark brown varnish shaded on an amber ground. 357mm 4/4

Catalog ID: C-924

  • Nathan Edson
    Nathan Edson worked in Boston around 1904-08. Unfortunately, we have no biographical information on Eson, just his fine violins to know him by. The violin pictured here is stamped on the inside:

    and is made from wood as described on the label inside the violin:
    > The top is made of wood taken from the Old South Building, 100 years olde when torn down about 1901...

    The beautiful top wood is medium to wide-grain spruce and the back is of two pieces of prominently flamed maple. The golden brown varnish is lightly shaded. The scroll is very skillfully cut. The tone of this violin is lovely, full, and refined.


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