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Raymond Schryer cello, Hilton Beach 2000

Raymond Schryer cello, Hilton Beach 2000 Raymond Schryer cello, Hilton Beach 2000 Raymond Schryer cello, Hilton Beach 2000
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Raymond Schryer is one of the most distinguished authorities on violin making in the world today. Born in Canada in 1961 to a musical family, he became a champion fiddler, leading the way for his younger triplet brothers, who would form the renowned group The Schryer Triplets.

At age 14, Schryer began building violins with his uncle, Fernand Schryer in Quebec, before attending the University of Western Ontario to pursue a degree in violin performance. He then returned to violin making, serving a three-year apprenticeship in the workshop of George Heinl & Company in Toronto.

Schryer's instruments have won numerous awards in international competitions, including the Triennale "Antonio Stradivari" Competition in Cremona, Italy, where he won a gold medal for cello in 2003 and a silver medal for violin in 2009. The cello is now displayed in Cremona's Museo del Violino, which houses one of the world's finest collections of classical Cremonese instruments, as well as an interactive contemporary collection of instruments from first prize winners of the Triennale Competitions. Other honors include a bronze medal for cello in the 1994 Tchaikovsky Violin Making Competition in Moscow, and multiple awards in competitions held by the Violin Society of America between 1992 and 2008.

A leading innovator in the application of new technologies in violin making, Schryer has presented his extensive research at conferences, and has published numerous articles in The Strad and Strings magazines. He teaches at violin making schools and workshops worldwide, frequently serves as a judge in international competitions, and serves on the board of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. His instruments are in high demand among professional players.

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