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Giulio Degani violin, Venice 1902

Catalog ID: C-2022

Sold with a certificate of authenticity from Reuning and Son.

Giulio Degani (1875 - 1959) was born in Venice into the third generation of the renowned Degani dynasty of Italian luthiers. Giulio studied as a violinist as well as a violin maker, working with his father, Eugenio Degani (1842 - 1901), who is considered the founder of the modern Venetian School, and ran the most important violin shop in Venice at the end of the 19th century. Giulio continued as a highly prolific and successful maker after his father's death in 1901, winning numerous medals at competitions, including Turin in 1898 and 1911, Milan in 1906, and New Zealand in 1906. As Degani's reputation grew internationally, he sold his instruments abroad to shops in the United States and in England, including Metzler & Co. in London, where they were endorsed by cellist Alfredo Piatti. In 1915, Degani immigrated to the United States to accept an offer of employment from Wurlitzer Company in New York City and Cincinnati, Ohio. After leaving Wurlitzer in 1921, Degani worked independently in Cincinnati and Atlantic City, New Jersey, supplementing his income by playing and teaching violin. Regarded as one of the most important modern Italian makers with a unique personal style, Giulio Degani's instruments are very desirable among professional players.

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