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Francesco Bissolotti violin, Cremona 1971
Catalog ID: C-1924

Renowned violin maker Francesco Bissolotti (b. 1929) is one of the most important contemporary makers from Cremona, Italy. Born in Soresina, Bissolotti became a wood carver and amateur violinist before enrolling in the Cremona Violin Making School in 1957, where he studied with Pietro Sgarabotto. Further studies in violin restoration with Giuseppe Ornati, Ferdinando Garimberti, and Simone Fernando Sacconi inspired him to learn in depth the construction methods of the great Cremonese masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. He taught at the Cremona Violin Making School for 22 years, and together with Sacconi, helped organize the Stradivari Museum, now incorporated into the Museo del Violino in the Piazza Marconi in Cremona. The Bissolotti workshop, located in the Piazza S. Paolo in Cremona, is maintained by his sons, also prominent violin makers.

BissolottiĀ’s instruments have been owned by top soloists, including Salvatore Accardo, Uto Ughi, Kim Kaskashian, and Dov Schendlin, and are considered extremely desirable among professional players.

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