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Gioffredo Cappa violin, Saluzzo 1693

Catalog ID: C-1835

An Italian violin made, in our opinion, by Gioffredo Cappa bearing the maker's label dated Saluzzo 1693.

An important early violin maker of the Piedmontese school, Gioffredo Cappa (also Goffredo, Chiaffredo, or Iofredus) was born in Saluzzo, Italy around 1644. Although speculation that Cappa may have apprenticed with Niccolò Amati is unconfirmed, the influence of Amati is evident in his instruments, and it is generally accepted that many of Cappa's instruments were falsely labeled with the prestigious Amati name. Cappa worked briefly in Turin and Mondovi, before returning to Saluzzo, where he died in 1717. Among the most significant makers of the 17th century, Cappa's instruments are highly desirable.

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